Hakima Benjamin founder of Kennedyo Entertainment is a producer, writer and director born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Hakima is able to share her past experiences of trauma and setbacks to rise above and accomplish her life goals. Faced with tremendous amounts of challenges in her life, Hakima has set out to tell her story and stories similar to be presented nationwide. Hakima's passion for art and entertainment has allowed her to produce, write and direct short films that will show many aspects of her personal life as well as provide a sense of family, humor and overcoming tragedy. Hakima has been able to collaborate with other veteran and upcoming filmmakers to create projects for film and television that depict real life stories. Hakima has served as co-producer, 1st AD, script supervisor and UPM (unit production manager) on several different short films. Hakima has also collaborated with other screenwriters to create and write several short films and pilots for television. Hakima's goal is to continue creating and writing projects of different genres which includes feature films as well contribute to stage and live performances.